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Headlines is our weekly newsletter. It keeps you up to date with what is happening in school. It celebrates our successes and it gives you details of forthcoming events, our fundraising and charity work and lots of other details and information about our school family and our school community.

Headlines is published on the 'Home' page of our school web site every Wednesday. A text message is sent home to all our families once the newsletter has been published.

Copies of the latest newsletter (and all previous editions from the school year 2017-2018) can also be downloaded here:

September Newsletters

File icon: pdf Issue 3 - 20 09 17 [pdf 299KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Issue 2 - 13 09 17 [pdf 133KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Issue 1 - 07 09 17 [pdf 150KB] Click to download

October Newsletters